Attention OKLAHOMA Residents
Did you know that you may NOW BE ELIGIBLE to protect your assets under a Federal law* and use Tax-Free** dollars to pay for Long Term Care expenses, without having to “spend down” all of your personal assets?


The following points will be discussed:

  • If you currently own an annuity, explore ways through the Pension Protection Act you may be eligible to withdraw tax-free* dollars to pay for home care, assisted living or nursing home care.

  • Hear about ways to avoid common mistakes when considering long term care costs.

  • Discover ways the funds in your IRA may be used to pay for long-term care expenses.

  • See ways you may pay for long term care using tax-free**dollars under the Pension Protection Act.


Join us for a educational workshop and a free complimentary dinner.

Call Now to Reserve Your Seats (800) 380-8138

Saturday, March 14th

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM, Room A

Healthy Living OKC

11501 N. Rockwell, OKC, OK 73162

RSVP Call (800) 380-8138 or

No insurance products will be sold at this meeting, however, by attending you will have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with a licensed insurance agent at no cost to you.

*http://4affc.com/documents/What-is-a-LTC-Partnership-Program-Attachment.pdf accessed on 9/30/2016. If you are unable to access the article(s) referenced above, please call 800-800-6004 to request a copy. | **The Pension Protection Act permits tax free distribution of fixed insurance products to fund qualified long-term health care strategies. | We are not endorsed by any government agency.


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